“Anna Falcke” is a small creative British company based in Bristol. Anna has been successfully designing, painting and creating a highly regarded range of fabric accessories since the 1990’s. Her locally based sewing team help create very successful collections and she is proud to manufacture in the UK.

Anna's colour palette is her trademark. Each designer piece in the silk satin, velvet and devoré range is an original and collectable piece of work. All are handmade and hand-painted in her studio in Bristol.

The fluid process of individually painting each item results in a highly decorative and desirable original piece. The range includes hand painted silk velvet devoré scarves and wraps; silk cravats, hair ribbons and scarves.

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Retail & trade enquiries are welcome, please message us  info@annafalcke.com



Anna's unique, especially pleated range of scarves and accessories for men, women and children are available to view at www.annafalcke.com

They are warm and comfortable to wear which make them ideal for activities both in and outdoors. Super soft and very popular.

Wristees® her best-selling fingerless gloves, make great gifts and are complemented by pom collars, button collars, pompom scarves, gloves, ruffle scarves, hats and wraps.

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